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Pharma Staffing

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Subject Matter Experts Dedicated to Meeting Your Staffing Needs

At Transcend, we specialize in providing tailored staffing solutions across the pharmaceutical industry. We understand that the pharmaceutical sector requires highly skilled professionals with domain expertise to drive innovation and ensure regulatory compliance. Our team is dedicated to meeting the unique staffing needs of pharmaceutical companies, whether it’s for research and development, clinical trials, manufacturing, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, or sales and marketing.

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Women Owned Minority Staffing Firm and MWBE certified


Clients ranging from Fortune 500/1000 to Start-Ups across verticals


Providing Tailored Staffing Solutions Across
the Pharma Industry

When partnering with us, we take the time to thoroughly understand your business units, corporate timelines, and challenges within your organization. This enables us to create a customized staffing plan for each of your products, ensuring that you have the right resources at every stage of the product development process. Our experienced team carefully matches your requirements with skilled personnel who have the necessary expertise to help you achieve your product development goals.

We recognize the critical importance of staying ahead in the highly competitive pharmaceutical landscape. That’s why we strive to provide you with top-tier professionals who can contribute to your success. Our commitment is to assist you in building a highly capable workforce that drives innovation, meets regulatory requirements, and ultimately delivers impactful pharmaceutical products to improve patient health.


Segments Served in
Pharma Industry

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
    Biochemistry/Chemistry, R&D, Laboratory
  • Quality Control Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Supplies
  • Immunology, Toxicology, Transgenics, Virology
  • Organic/Synthetic Chemistry
  • Mirco/Molecular Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Clinical Trial & Research Research and Development
  • Drug Discovery/Safety, Quality Assurance Control
  • Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Comm.
  • Pharmacist/Medical Liaison/Medical Education Cpl.
  • Validation Clinical Coding/Data SAS & Oracle Clinical Prog.
  • Medical Writing
  • Formulations, Instrument Calibration
On-demand & On-premise

End-to-End Solutions
as a Global Integration Partner

Transcend is a Global System Integration Partner with Ariba for on-demand solutions. We provide end-to-end service offerings aligned with the entire Ariba product suite (on-demand and on-premise).

Ariba Network

Ariba Network

Supplier Connection

Supplier Connection


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IT Staffing

Transcend Staffing Solutions is hands down the best staffing agency I have ever worked with! Their team is very professional, and they truly care about their clients' success.

Alex Regelman


Engineering Staffing

Transcend exceeded my expectations with their staffing services. They provided me with highly qualified and experienced candidates that were a perfect fit for my business needs.

Laura Morton


BPO Solutions

Working with Transcend Staffing Solutions was an absolute pleasure. They took the time to understand my unique needs and helped me find a job that was a perfect fit.

Stacey Rickson


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